Tests and Certificates
Our products are ahead of our competition

Post supports and fence post spikes belong to the category of fixtures and fittings and don’t require any certificates or endurance tests because no endurance norms were ever established.

Before a new model of SADDAR product enters manufacturing phase its computer model is subjected to the endurance test. Advanced computer FEM (Finite Element Method) analytical program defines weakest points of the product’s geometry and eliminates them.

Repeating this process multiple times allows us to optimize the shape of the SADDAR product for the maximum durability. And, because of the high pressure injection method of production, SADDAR eco- fence post spikes can be molded into the more complicated shapes than the sheet steel post spikes.

Looking at the photographs of the FEM analyses of a SADDAR composite post spike and of a steel spike of the same size some significant differences could be observed.

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Analiza MES ekokotwa SADDAR vs kotwa stalowa Analiza MES ekokotwa SADDAR vs kotwa stalowa

In sheet steel post spike exhibits extensive areas of concentrated stresses at the bottom of spike’s socket – red color. It results in the cracking of the welds in that area.

There is no such danger with SADDAR eco-post spike because there are no such large areas of concentrated stress.

Colored scale in the bottom right corner of both photos shows stress distribution. In both simulations identical lateral forces were applied and result shows:

  • Top of the scale for SADDAR eco-post spike shows 123 MPa,
  • Top of the scale for sheet steel post spike shows 247 MPa.

It means that SADDAR eco-post spike is subjected to the half of the maximum stress forces that steel spike is. And it means that its maximum durability is also much greater.

We were audited by:

  • BUREAU VERITAS (at the request of THE HOME DEPOT USA)
  • TÜV Rheinland (at the request of HORNBACH - Germany )
  • Leroy Merlin Poland
  • Kingfisher

Analyzes and tests:
  • Opinion on experimental studies of the work and strength of the SADDAR eco bases and eco spikes

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    Opinion of the Warsaw University of Technology page 1 Opinion of the Warsaw University of Technology page 2 Opinion of the Warsaw University of Technology page 3

  • SADDAR (series of periodical “in house” analyses and tests)