Bolt down Post Supports
for fastening into concrete or deck floor

Environment friendly post supports made from a plastic composite reinforced with the glass fiber to raise material impact resistance. Fabricated from high rigidity and shear resistant crystalized PET polymer produced from the recycled material.
High quality product designed for the maximum durability.
Bolt down base designed for fastening to any solid surface like concrete or deck floor.
An excellent support for square and round wooden posts.
Bracket will hold post above the ground and protect it against pests, fungi, water, snow and ice.
PET for our products is manufactured from the recycled materials. It makes an important contribution to the protection of the environment by transforming recyclable materials into a brand new product. And our products can be recycled once again.



Scheme for the reimbursement
of costs of  the raw materials upon returning of used anchors to the manufacturer.


Socket’s screw holes reinforced with additional material.


Prevents accumulation of  the  impact stresses at the bottom of  the  spike's socket and directs impacts towards the special elements which cushion the blows and  ransfer stresses to  the thickened sections of spike's blade.

High Resistance

Bending to the side won’t destroy the anchor and it might even return to its previous shape.


warranty of anchor’s immunity from water, frost and snow.